Beyond the Sunrise - Jim Ruff Photography | About
Jim Ruff is an award-winning nature and landscape photographer and a year-round resident of Blowing Rock, North Carolina. I'm retired from a successful engineering career in both industry and academia. Most of my career was in diesel engine and off-road vehicle development and management at John Deere. I also served on the engineering faculty at Texas A&m University and as an engineering department head at North Carolina State University. Being a farm boy, I love nature and the great outdoors and use photography to capture and share the beauty of our world with others.

I enjoy both the artistic and technical challenges required to transform nature's glory into stunning 2D images. Subject matter, location, lighting and composition are key ingredients in photography. I strive for uniqueness in at least three of these elements in my images even if it means pre-dawn hikes to mountain vistas or persevering storms to catch that magic combination of light and weather. I have traveled extensively throughout the United States as well as Europe and the Mideast.

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Also, if you are a visitor to North Carolina's High County, some of my images are on display in the Morning Star Galley in Blowing Rock and the Catchlight Gallery in West Jefferson.